On May 25, the 1976 through 1980 classes of Jackson High School honored Lynnette Harvey with the planting of a young live oak tree at the site of the old McKowen/Jackson High School.

Approximately 30 past students, colleagues, friends and family shared stories and special memories of Harvey.

Guests included her husband, Leroy Harvey and daughter and son-in-law, Scott and Laurie Harrington. Planting the memorial tree was a special activity as the five classes gathered Memorial Day weekend to celebrate a 40-year high school reunion.

Donna Lord Gray, Jackson High School Class of 1979, said, “When I consider the legacy that Lynnette Harvey left as a teacher on the students at Jackson High School in the 1970s, I am reminded of the live oak tree. Mrs. Harvey was our true Southern treasure. She helped us establish deep roots that have stood the test of time. She taught us with a unique enthusiasm and creativity that prevented us from ever becoming dormant. Like the live oak tree, she was graceful and beautiful. In our small country classroom, she opened our eyes to exciting worlds through her travels, life experiences, classic literature, language and history.”

Gray said Lynette Harvey helped students train for state competitions for creative writing, speech and literature.

Gray said, “She patiently listened to me over and over as I memorized Edgar Allen Poe’s ‘The Raven.’ She instilled in me an unwavering confidence for public speaking and how to add emotion and inflections to keep my audience engaged. She encouraged. She challenged. She cared deeply. She loved teaching us.”