East Feliciana Parish Prison bookings Feb. 12-May 12:

Feb. 12

Madelyn Ray: 20; 11452 Redwood Lane, Wilson; public bribery, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, resisting arrest with force, possession of marijuana, prohibited acts contraband to and from a penal facility, contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile

Feb. 19

Donald Guy: 31; 9039 Folly Brown Road, Clinton; domestic abuse battery, probation violation

Kiffen Smith: 23; 12817 Cypress St., Clinton; two bench warrants, possession of marijuana, proper equipment required on vehicles

Feb. 20

Kendric Rheams: 18; 6174 La. 63., Clinton; cruelty to the infirm

Feb. 21

Danyell Barnes: 23; 2533 La. 30 Apt. 20, Jackson; distribution of Schedule I, illegal possession of firearm with controlled dangerous substance, prohibited acts

Daeldrew Stampley: 20; 9306 McNair Road, Roxie, Mississippi; flight from an officer, illegal possession of stolen things, off road vehicles, permits for use on shoulders of highways

Feb. 22

Leon Sanders: 57; 11705 Spring St., Clinton; aggravated battery with a dangerous weapon

Feb. 23

Amanda Bannon: 36; 705 Singletary St., New Roads; unlawful possession of Schedule II, unlawful possession knowingly

Tyquan Vessell: 24; 3300 Franklin St., Jackson; bench warrant

Tessia Shuff: 30; 1512 Newton St., Jackson; bench warrant

Feb. 24

Virgil Havard: 60; 3362 Race St., Jackson; two counts resisting arrest

Feb. 25

Keontae Brooks: 36; 3071 Market St., Jackson; four bench warrants

Feb. 26

James Dunn Jr.: 61; 2223 James Dunn Lane, Jackson; domestic abuse battery

Lee Edward Scott: 50; 504 Charleston, Baton Rouge; remaining after forbidden, vagrancy, possession of drug paraphernalia

Feb. 27

Charles Moten: 38; 11699 Liberty Highway, Clinton; bench warrant

Antonio Vannorman: 34; 633 E. Cherokee St., Centreville, Mississippi; fugitive warrant

Allison Sanders: 36; 2533 La. 10, Jackson; driving laned for traffic, DWI-first

March 1

Joe Reyes: 36; 145 Hickory St., Denham Springs; fugitive warrant

March 3

Hagan Rivet: 19; 14271 La. 959, Clinton; simple burglary of an inhabited dwelling, simple criminal damage to property, simple robbery

Robert Kelly: 48; 7509 Magnolia Beach Road, Denham Springs; fugitive warrant, probation hold

Darrel Lee: 47; 4155 Jackson Heights Drive, Jackson; fugitive warrant

March 5

Lacey Ducote: 41; 1758 Midway Road, Slaughter; DWI-first

Tommy Carter: 22; 9033 Whitney Lane, Slaughter; nonconsensual disclosure of a private image, criminal damage to property, aggravated battery

March 8

Micah Thompson: 33; 12938 Cypress St., Zachary; DWI-first

March 9

Rodriquez London: 18; 5686 Gilead Road, Clinton; carnal knowledge of a juvenile

March 10

David Cheney: 65; 5955 La. 67, Lot 16, Slaughter; disturbing the peace

Shaderka Brady: 28; 8556 Flower Hill Road, St. Francisville; bench warrant

Jace Holden: 21; 733 Macedonia Road, Centreville, Mississippi; bench warrants

Manuel Claros: 27; 12306 Haynes St., Clinton; resisting arrest, possession of Schedule I, obstruction of justice, driver must be licensed, maximum speed limit

March 12

Leigh McKey: 49; 3035 Carolyn Sue Drive, Jackson; disturbing the peace by public intoxication, resisting an officer

March 13

Kyeem Dunn: 25; 11242 Collins Lane, Norwood; open container, improper lane usage

March 14

Neshia Johnson: 28; 2506 Hollywood St., Baton Rouge; bench warrant

March 17

Patrick Jones: 33; 229 East Highland St., Centreville, Mississippi; DWI-first, operating a vehicle while intoxicated

Tiffany Hawkins: 35; 4205 La. 955 W., Ethel; general speed law, careless operation

March 19

Keith Coleman: 53; 13449 Noah Loyell Lane, Clinton; illegal use of weapons or dangerous instruments

Vernzell Jackson: 25; 1809 N. 15th St., Baton Rouge; possession of Schedule I with intent to distribute, possession of firearm with controlled dangerous substance

March 22

Perry Kirkland: 52; 10640 La. 961, Clinton; DWI-first

March 23

Tonya Neal: 38; 10884 Jacock Road, St. Francisville; two bench warrants

March 24

Walter Jarrell: 27; 1448 Pine St., Jackson; simple possession, possession of Schedule II, illegal carrying of a weapon

March 25

Eugene Morgan: 50; 16303 Alphonse Forbes Road, Greenwell Springs; fugitive warrant

Cemontra Anderson: 23; 5818 La. 68, Jackson; fugitive warrant

Miley Blackard: 29; 8035 Jones Vaughn Creek Road, St. Francisville; possession of Schedule II, illegal carry of weapons, head lamps on motor vehicle

Jude Barber: 20; 10152 Old Field Road, St. Francisville; possession of Schedule I

March 26

Westley Anderson: 39; 5181 Oak St., St. Francisville; probation violation

March 27

Johnathon Triplet: 26; 1900 Blount Road, Baton Rouge; fugitive warrant

Alvoris White: 49; 2722 N. 31st St., Baton Rouge; DWI-first, no license

March 28

Terren Lallande: 48; 1001 Chemin St., Baker; operating a vehicle while intoxicated

Rodarian White: 20; 3796 W. Quiet Lane, Jackson; aggravated assault, simple assault

March 30

Veronica Jackson: 30; 5036 Gilead Road, Clinton; aggravated second-degree battery

Byron Thomas: 52; 10134 Lathers Lane, Slaughter; remaining after forbidden, disturbing the peace, public intoxication, criminal mischief, giving false information to the police

David Tidwell: 51; 1095 Allen Road, Smithdale, Mississippi; three bench warrants

Joshua Milligan: 29; 7864 La. 68, Jackson; domestic abuse battery

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March 31

Clyde Young Jr.: 66; 11705 Spring St., Clinton; domestic abuse battery, simple criminal damage to property, prohibited acts-distribution of drug paraphernalia, possession of Schedule II

April 1

David Kinchen: 30; 14388 Springfield Road, Walker; operating vehicle while intoxicated-second, careless operation, operating a vehicle while license is suspended

April 2

Cory Guy: 21; 6174 Upper CC Road, Clinton; possession of Schedule I, possession of Schedule II

Damion Longmire: 27; 4618 Wost Drive, Houston; bench warrant

April 3

Jeremy Wright: 43; 1965 Count Road, No. 38, Jenison, Arizona; stalking, telephone communication, improper lane, criminal damage to property, battery of a dating partner, reckless operation of a vehicle

Jacob Conerly: 39; 2803 Kathy Circle, Jackson; prohibited acts, possession of marijuana, possession of Schedule II, illegal possession of stolen things, operating a vehicle while license is suspended, proper equipment required on vehicles

April 4

Cameron Curtis: 24; 7903 John Turner Lane, Ethel; illegal possession of stolen things, signal lamps and signal devices, operating vehicle while license is suspended

Christopher Wright: 24; 10119 Lathers Lane, Slaughter; illegal possession of stolen things, illegal possession of stolen firearms, possession of firearm or carrying concealed

April 5

Tracey White: 53; 3300 Franklin St., Jackson; simple criminal damage to property, obstruction of justice, warrant

Robert Gentry: 29; 402 Holmes Road, Winnfield; contraband defined to and from penal institution prohibited

Kendell Richardson: 61; 8745 La. 963, Ethel; maximum speed limit, operating vehicle while license is suspended, warrant

April 6

Dylan Fabre: 20; 21022 Holmes Drive, Zachary; extortion, telephone communications, improper lane

April 8

Jami Cavin: 42; 4275 River Road, Clinton; possession of legend drug, possession of Schedule II narcotics, possession of marijuana, possession of alcoholic beverages in vehicle, expired license plate or registration, prohibited acts

April 9

Antonio Gilmore: 21; 9780 Jones Vaughn Creek Road, St. Francisville; possession of stolen things, possession of synthetic cannabinoids, two counts of prohibited acts-distribution of drug paraphernalia

Jonathon Bennet: 46; 17000 Barnett St., Zachary; parole violation, fugitive warrant

April 10

Kyeem Dunn: 25; 11242 Collins Lane, Norwood; possession of firearm by a felon

April 11

Jermy Selders: 28; 15687 Pace Road, Clinton; bench warrant, flight from officer

Izra Nowitzke: 44; 101 Shady Grove Lane, Norwood; prohibited acts, warrant

Frederick Johnson: 44; 2702 Anderson St., Hammond; DWI-first

April 16

Ronald Holden: 69; 24064 Plank Road, Zachary; operating vehicle while intoxicated, careless operation, operating while intoxicated, driving on roadway laned for traffic, possession of alcoholic beverages

April 17

Dawn Pitarro: 50; 1511 Sunset Drive, Denham Springs; prohibited acts, possession of Schedule II with intent to distribute

April 18

Carolyn Mack; 57; 1307 Market St., Clinton; aggravated battery

Tonya Neal: 38; 10884 Jacock Road, St. Francisville; theft

April 19

Michael Allen: 45; 4545 Flag Lane, Addis; illegal possession of things, owner to secure registration, switched plates, unsafe unfit vehicles, prohibited acts, tail lamps, possession of legend drugs, manufacture/distribution/possession of Schedule I with intent to distribute, evidence of compulsory motor vehicle

Steven Norton: 37; 1244 Longwood Drive, Jackson; domestic abuse battery

Kendrick Chaney: 21; 4278 Mohican Prescott Crossover, Baton Rouge; unlawful possession of fraudulent documents

April 25

Chadwick Blackard: 29; 2720 Charles Drive, Jackson; unauthorized entry of an inhabited dwelling, theft of three-wheel cycle; criminal trespass, entry on or remaining after forbidden, permitting dog to run at large, trespassing

David Sahr: 28; 3352 Race St., Jackson; theft under $300

Joseph Holloway: 48; 3608 Pine St., Ethel; theft

April 26

Twandorain Muse: 18; 11620 Clarence St., Clinton; fugitive warrant

Quendrell Underwood: 28; 16270 La. 10, Clinton; bench warrant

Raymond Williams: 21; 7888 La. 68, Jackson; hate crimes, aggravated battery domestic, aggravated assault

James Fleming: 42; 15346 N. Firewood Drive, Baton Rouge; simple assault, unlawful communications

Kiffin Smith: 23; 12817 Cypress St., Clinton; bench warrants

Katherine Tinkler: 20; 10222 Oak Drive, Clinton; domestic abuse battery

Benjamin Norton: 21; 306 La. 63, Clinton; domestic abuse battery

April 27

Kennard Matthews: 33; 12598 Kent Road, Norwood; domestic abuse battery, disturbing the peace by fighting, possession of a firearm

Donnake Henley: 32; 12598 Kent Road, Norwood; domestic abuse battery, disturbing the peace by fighting, obstruction of justice

April 29

Ronnie Dunn: 33; 12650 Freel Lane, Norwood; two warrants, fugitive warrant

May 2

Timothy Williams: 30; 9762 La. 19, Wilson; two warrants

May 3

Larry Taylor: 64; 1866 William Haynes Road, Clinton; aggravated assault with a firearm

Walter Chapman: 39; 3429 Bourbon St., Jackson; aggravated assault with a firearm, warrant

Johnathon Robertson: 32; 6419 La. 953, Jackson, theft

Jessie Clark: 43; 3728 La. 10, Apt. 4, Jackson; aggravated assault, resisting arrest

May 5

Travis Depew: 25; 10126 Marydale Road, St. Francisville; simple battery, malfeasance in office

May 6

Ryan Harper: 37; 21210 Plank Road, Zachary; warrants

May 7

Jacqueline Williams: 60; 5986 La. 412, Slaughter; bench warrants

May 8

David Duby: 57; 823 East Ave., Slaughter; aggravated assault, resisting arrest, flight from an officer, reckless operation, driving on roadway laned for traffic

R.J. Pough: 45; 3733 Cleo St., Baton Rouge; DWI-first, blocking private driveway

May 9

Brittany Metz: 32; 1219 Hermitage Drive, Jackson; bench warrant

May 11

Derrick Peck: 29; 13779 Sycamore St., Baton Rouge; unauthorized use of a movable

Kiante Davis: 25; 8977 Delrey Lane, St. Francisville; probation violation

May 12

John Lewis: 39; 5936 McCoy Burns Road, Ethel; bench warrant