Chip Joiner works with instructor Shane Bourgeois at the Hunter Education class in Jackson on Sept. 14.

The 20th Judicial District Attorney Sam D’Aquilla sponsored a Hunter Education Class on Sept. 14-15, at the Jackson Civic Center. D’Aquilla and District Attorney Investigator Shane Bourgeois were instructors.

Twenty-nine people participated and successfully passed the course.

Louisiana law requires mandatory hunter education for anyone born on or after Sept. 1, 1969, unless they are under direct supervision of a qualified person. A qualified person includes a licensed hunter or someone over 18 years old that has proof of completion of a hunter education course. "Direct supervision means the supervising person is in direct line of sight and within normal voice contact of the hunter they are supervising," says.

All 50 states require some form of mandatory hunter education certification prior to issuing a license.