WATSON — Samantha Carter, 12, began with two shimmery strands of ribbon — one pink, the other red, and weaved them in and out of aluminum can tabs.

“Take two strands of ribbon and tie at one end together,” instructed Andrea Huguet, youth coordinator at the Watson branch of the Livingston Parish Library.

“One strand (of ribbon) is going into one hole and the other is going into the other hole,” Huguet continued.

“Then, what you’re going to do is bottom, top; top, bottom,” she said.

The meticulous threading of ribbon into the soft drink tabs would soon create a bracelet, which Amanda could then wear and share with her friends.

The activity Thursday at the Watson branch was just one of many the library will host for teens throughout the summer to help them stay busy, Huguet said.

Huguet said the recycled art project titled “Go Green,” was something she and other library workers learned of in a workshop last year. After Googling the project, Huguet said she learned that one of the actors in the “Twilight” movie series wears the recycled bracelets.

“They have become popular,” Huguet said of the homemade jewelry.

Samantha and her mom, Andrea Carter learned of the art project while signing Samantha up for the summer reading program, a big hit among school-aged youth.

Samantha, who said she collects soft drink tabs, said she hoped to learn enough in the workshop to teach her friends how to make the bracelets.

“This could (also) be a necklace,” Samantha said.

“This would make a cool chocker,” Andrea said as she continued working on her pink and purple bracelet.

Both said they plan to attend other teen programs and Samantha said this time, she plans to bring some friends.

“I liked this one,” Samantha said of Go Green.

For a schedule of upcoming teen events and for a full list of summer library activities, visit http://main.mylpl.info.