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Advocate staff photo by Heidi Kinchen -- Gathering June 9 at a Denham Springs City Council meeting, from left, are Mickie Lilly, Mike Clark, Denham Springs Police Officer Eddie Kay, Police Chief Scott Jones and Senior Border Patrol Agent Clint Rogers, accepting a certificate of appreciation on behalf of Special Agent Daniel Amegin. Lilly, Clark and Amegin were honored for their bravery during a June 2 incident in Denham Springs.

Three people who sprang into action June 2 to help a police officer struggling with a man for control of a gun were honored recently for their selfless bravery.

Officer Eddie Kay was writing a traffic ticket in the parking lot of a gas station on Range Avenue near Interstate 12 when another car drove up with a woman inside screaming for help, Police Chief Scott Jones told the City Council on June 9.

A man in the car, whom Jones did not name but described as the screaming woman’s boyfriend, was beating her as they drove, the police chief said.

When Kay dragged the man out of the car and tried to arrest him, the man tried to take the officer’s gun, Jones said.

Bystander Mickie Lilly saw the struggle and called 911.

Jones said Lilly’s call was significant because the officer had not had time to call for backup.

“When things went bad, it went bad fast,” Jones said. “It was the 911 call that alerted other officers that there was an officer in distress.”

Mike Clark, who was at the neighboring Waffle House, and U.S. Border Patrol Agent Daniel Amegin, who was at the nearby Burger King, also came to the officer’s aid, Jones said.

Fearing the man was going to get control of the gun, Kay tossed his service weapon to Amegin, who secured it, Jones said. Kay was then able to take the man into custody without serious injury.

“I’m grateful that we live in a community where, when people see an officer in crisis, they run to his aid,” Jones said. “We’re so blessed that things turned out the way they did.”

Jones presented certificates of appreciation to Lilly, Clark and Senior Border Patrol Agent Clint Rogers, who received it on Amegin’s behalf, for coming to the officer’s aid despite any possible danger to themselves.