Livingston-Tangipahoa community photo gallery for Oct. 22, 2015 _lowres

Photo provided by Linda Faller Joiner -- Hammond Eastside Magnet School eighth-graders caring for ‘sugar babies,' front row from left, are Joseph Reitz, Sayer Raiford, Jesse Barringer, Cameron Ladet, Emma Grace Broadwater, Gabrielle Bush, Andrew Jordan, Anais Neupert, Brooke Smith and John Miller Edwards; middle row, Haley Brown, Avasia Parker, Ethan Turpin, Madison Wells, Connor Kattengell, Connor Magee, Brianna Newman, Will Bridges, Zoe Foil, Makayla Davis and Chalah Rock; and back row, Madison Greer, Mason Greer, Taylor Kinchen, Brendan Zakkour, Hunter Morse, Christopher Mearis, Garrett Sanders, Garrison Hidalgo, Victor Herrera, Brittney Bauers, Kirsten Monteleone and Raini Hatfield.

The eighth-grade class at Hammond Eastside Magnet School is caring for “sugar babies” to connect to units in mathematics, Journey to Careers and English.

Students carry a 4-pound bag of sugar for a class project that involved selecting a career to research in Journey to Careers. With the information they received, students were given items to purchase on a spreadsheet. They calculated items to decide the needs and wants for their living expenses.

In English, students reflected on real-life situations that happen with their “sugar babies.”