Livingston Parish’s road overlay program will get a million-dollar bonus to pay for additional improvements this fall.

Parish President Layton Ricks said he will ask the Parish Council on Thursday to amend the contract with R.J. Daigle & Sons to add another $1 million to the $4.47 million worth of work the company already agreed to perform.

“We wanted to surprise the council with the good news, but because it’s changing the amount, they’ve got to approve it and it has to go on the agenda,” Ricks said Aug. 20, the day a draft agenda for Thursday’s council meeting was released.

Ricks said the parish’s road engineer, Gasper Chifici, of Burk-Kleinpeter Inc., would help determine which roads should receive the extra funding. The decision will be based on the council’s adopted road priority list and the contractor’s mobilization costs, Ricks said.

The less equipment the road crews have to relocate and restage, the more money that can be spent on the materials and road work itself.

Public Works Director Sam Digirolamo said the crews are running a little behind on the overlay schedule because of weather delays, but the overall project is about 75 percent complete.

Work on Dunn Road, which Digirolamo projected would be complete sometime this week, also ran longer than expected after the crews discovered a few failures in the road, he said.

“Hopefully, they can get it done in the next four to five days and move on to South Satsuma,” Digirolamo said late last week.

Work on South Satsuma Road had been slated to begin the last week of July, according to a June 8 version of the work schedule.

Despite the weather worries — rainy, then dry, then rainy again — the project is progressing a little under budget because of small changes made along the way, Digirolamo said.

“We’ve definitely been productive, and I feel like we’ve got a good contractor out there,” he said.

The Parish Council also will be asked to approve the low bid on the Wax Road overlay project Thursday night.

The parish completed work on the road’s bridge over Gray’s Creek in February and looks to improve the roadway itself, tying in some overlay, stabilizing the road bed and doing some shoulder work, Digirolamo said.

F.G. Sullivan was the low bidder, coming in at just under $1.4 million, Digirolamo said.

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