Nearly 1,500 student-athletes from 36 Tangipahoa and Livingston parishes schools scored free physical examinations in April and May during North Oaks Sports Medicine’s Annual Physical Days.

North Oaks has sponsored the Tangipahoa Parish Physical Day for 24 years and the Livingston Parish Physical Day for five years with the goal of helping junior high and high school students and their families fulfill Louisiana High School Athletic Association requirements for participation in school athletic programs.

The community outreach offering was made possible by the volunteer efforts of 30 physicians and nurse practitioners, as well as 200 employees and athletic trainers from North Oaks and Southeastern Louisiana University.

Independence Middle School girls basketball and track coach Pamela Brown attended with 22 athletes. It was her fourth year taking part.

“Each year, it gets better and better,” she remarked. “The promptness is impressive. We get in and get out.”

Area physicians who volunteered at Physical Day were Drs. Greg Allen, Gayle Beyl, Jorge Castellanos, Mark Daunis, Francis Donner Jr., Bryan Dudoussat, Jherie Ducombs, Stephen Graham, Anthony Haase III, Jeffrey LaCour, Alyssa Lyon, Robert McAfee, Nancy Mellin, Katy Morris, Jacques Peltier, Marie Pittman, William Plunkett, Sidney St. Amant, Robert Smith, Jean Tran, Rachel Treuting, Ivan Villata and Susan Zacharia.

Nurse practitioners included Sandy Capps, Michelle Civello, Becky Haase, Janet Morse and Erika Oliver.