The Advocate will publish high school graduation lists for all area schools.

Schools must submit their graduation lists within one week of graduation.

The lists should include the date, time and place of the graduation ceremony, and note the valedictorian, salutatorian and honor graduates.

The Advocate will run photographs of valedictorians only for those schools with one valedictorian. For schools with two or more valedictorians, their names will be listed in the story, but their photos will not be published. Also, no photos of salutatorians will be published.

In addition, advance stories naming valedictorians and salutatorians and the date and location of the graduation ceremony will be published before the graduation ceremony. This information must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the ceremony.

High schools can submit the information to

For information, call Darlene Denstorff at (225) 388-0215.