DENHAM SPRINGS — Frances Heath, 79, and her friend Anne Sparks, 66, are familiar faces at the Livingston Council on Aging’s Denham Springs’ Center.

But on June 9, as they socialized with friends, the duo learned that they would also be getting a chance to have their health evaluated at the Council’s Wellness and Information Day.

“We walked around and packed up a bag full of stuff,” Sparks said, as she reached into her bag of goodies.

“They (participating vendors) covered everything,” Sparks said. “Including the correct way to brush your teeth.”

Shelia Carter with the Livingston Council on Aging said the annual event is a way for seniors to get the proper screenings they may not get unless they make a doctor’s appointment.

“If they find out it’s here, they get screened,” she said.

More than 30 vendors — some of whom performed hearing, oxygen and vision screenings and glucose monitoring — displayed their information at the expo.

Although not as many vendors participated this year because of the economy, Carter said the event was a success.

The annual expo was especially successful for Port Vincent resident Edna Aydell, 78, who came specifically to have her hearing evaluated.

As it turned out, Aydell must now see a specialist, she said, admitting that she “can’t hear.”

Also on hand at the event were representatives from James Drug Store, Inc.

“We talked about medicines with the seniors,” said pharmacist Jamie Mitchell. “As a pharmacist, we get to see them in this type of community setting and see how their medicines are working,” she said.

“It’s also good to be here to see other vendors in the community,” Mitchell said.

Vendors like Generations Hospice, who came out to Thursday’s event to talk to seniors about end of life care.

“So many people have the concept that people (receiving hospice care) are dying but we’re all dying,” Community Nurse Liaison Michelle Hunt said.

“It’s about quality of life at the end of life,” she said about hospice.

This year’s event drew more than 100 seniors.