Students explore meaning of ink blots _lowres

Photo provided by CAROLYN BANKSTON -- Eighth-grade students at North Corbin Junior High, from left, Cortney Bennett, Ransom Clifton, Joseph Fuchs, Madison Slaton and Logan Yarbrough create ink blots during a lesson earlier this month.

Gifted students in Carolyn Bankston’s class at North Corbin Junior High have been creating art with ink blots and determining what they mean.

The students read the story “Flowers for Algernon,” which talks about altering human intelligence through subliminal messaging, a news release from the school said.

One of the activities in the story depicts the main character studying Rorschach ink blots, which gives the examiner an insight into his personality traits and emotional functioning.

The students made ink blots of their own and used visualization to determine their meanings, the release said. The students examined Common Core terminology and examined irony related to theme, used figurative language, identified the author’s point of view, determined mood and tone and defined vocabulary through context, the release said.