Maurepas Library Club attends teen convention _lowres

Photo provided by Cindy Stilley -- Maurepas High School Library Club members include, standing from left, Sophia Salinas, Ava Borskey, Chaz Montaldo, Kayleigh Kuykendall, Cassie Wesley and Megan Alexis; and seated, Rebecca Weir and Cayla Breland.

Maurepas High School’s Library Club, sponsored by librarian Cindy Stilley, recently attended the two-day Louisiana Teenage Librarians Association’s annual state library club convention in Alexandria.

Cayla Breland was chosen as LTLA secretary for 2016-17. Sophia Salinas and Rebecca Weir won first place, and Ava Borskey received third place in the Wes Smith essay contest. Maurepas also received first place in the Senior Bulletin Board contest.

Middle and high school students from across the state took part in book discussion groups, contests, workshops and the LTLA banquet, where Louisiana native Sarah Guillory, author of “Reclaimed,” was guest speaker.

The association includes individual library club members from throughout the state with a full slate of student-elected officers and an executive committee that conducts business under the sponsorships of the Louisiana Association of School Librarians, a news release said.