Livingston Parish’s newest community development district promises to bring nearly 2,000 lots and an expansion of sewer services with a new treatment plant to an area south of Interstate 12 between Juban Road and Walker South Road.

Juban Trails Community Development District, approved by the Parish Council on April 28, will be the largest community development district ever created in the state, said L. Gordon King, of Government Consultants Inc.

The 556-acre, $46 million development north of Buddy Ellis Road will be built in four phases, with the first phase including 356 lots, a $3.5 million sewer treatment plant and $1.5 million force main from Juban Road to the development, and $8 million in streets, drainage and other infrastructure, according to the proposal. The first phase should be completed within 12 to 15 months.

Creation of the community development district allows the developer to secure tax-exempt bonds to finance some of the project’s infrastructure.

Councilman Garry Talbert said the developer will use utility bonding to pay for the sewer treatment plant and force main. The district will bulk-buy water and gas to be sold to the district’s residents, with the profits going toward bond payments, Talbert said.

The developer also will pay an impact fee per lot to help retire the debt, Talbert said.

Lot assessments would be paid by the district through lot sales, with builders acquiring the land free and clear of those liens, Talbert said.

“There’s a contingency that if the lots don’t sell, there can be an assessment put on the developer at that time to be sure the money is paid on the bonds,” he said.

When the bonds have been repaid, the sewer treatment plant will be turned over to Livingston Parish Sewer District 2, expanding its reach in the area, Talbert said.

“There are some developers of other subdivisions in the area that are committing to tying into this sewer treatment plant,” Talbert said. “Sewer 2 has no issue with that, with the understanding that they’re going to get the sewer treatment plant back when the bonds are paid off.”

King said there would be a cooperative endeavor agreement with the sewer district to that effect.

Council Chairman John Wascom said the deal would be a real boon for the area, saying, “This is another major step toward getting sewer to an area that’s been negligent in having it.”

The ordinance creating the Juban Trails Community Development District appointed five people to the district’s board of supervisors: Parish Councilmen Jeff Averett, of French Settlement, and Tracy Girlinghouse, of Walker; Walker Mayor Rick Ramsey; School Board member Jimmy Watson, of Walker; and Ronnie Morse, chief criminal deputy with the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office, of Springfield.