Amite High School Interim Principal Reneé Carpenter has launched Campus Pride Days where students, teachers, parents and the community come together to take ownership and pride in the school facility, a news release said.

“Just because our school may be an older facility does not mean it can’t be clean, organized and improved upon, and it starts with us,” Carpenter said.

The first Campus Pride Day on Sept. 19 saw just over 40 students and teachers pitch in to wash windows, dig up unwanted vegetation around the campus, polish furniture in the library, scrub baseboards and walls and thoroughly clean bathrooms.

The school’s Marine Corps ROTC unit, under the leadership of Master Gunnery Sgt. Darryl Warner, was the major contributing school group for the first Campus Pride Day, the release said.

“One major aspect of the MCROTC program is to serve, in both the school and community,” Warner said. “We take great honor in serving the school, and this project will be no exception.”

Campus Pride Day volunteers included Mykala Foster, Sharon Samuel, Tylor Slade, Devoren Edwards, Christian Douglas, Dylan Robertson, Taghan Bills, Trenton Relan, Jarrius Vining, Isaiah Addison, Daniel Herring, Dakota Benoit, Daisy Barrilleaux, Melody Sowell, Saiman Samuel, Yamonica Keller, Brianna Brown, Jasmine Fisher, Steven Boos, Gage Windham, Tanya Slade, Nathaniel Davis, Kalandra Smith, Haley Marie Addison, Geral Trainor, Lorenzo Hookfin, Cauy Phillips, Angela Biandolillo, Ruth Sandifer, Beena O’Neal, Cynthia Foster, Lolita Cuti, Jody Crowe, Rosa Eleser, Kathy Currier, Ron Cox, Dana McLin, Anita Morse, Hailey Ricatto and Brian Eleser.

The next Campus Pride Day is planned from 8:30 a.m. to noon on Oct. 24. To volunteer, email Warner at