Walker High Ard

Students at Walker High School clap after Sheriff Jason Ard gives a speech about school safety and reporting threats to law enforcement on March 2.

WALKER -- Livingston Parish Sheriff Jason Ard said Friday he is taking a "zero tolerance" approach to school-related threats and social media posts. 

"In order to make sure your school is safe, we have to maintain a zero tolerance policy," Ard said. 

Ard was speaking at a rally at Walker High School Friday morning held in response to the recent mass shooting at a Florida high school where 17 people were killed.

The day before, Walker Police arrested two students for allegedly doctoring a photo to make it appear they were holding a weapon at school.

"Unfortunately some of your fellow students found that out yesterday," he said. "Your safety is at stake."

He implored the students to come forward to law enforcement or their school principal if they hear any threats or see suspicious posts online. 

"Do not post or share or Instagram or Snapchat things that you think you heard or you heard from someone," Ard said. "Let us check that out. Law enforcement needs to know as soon as you see that photo, as soon as you hear that threat."

Madison Milton, a senior at the school, shared a similar message with her classmates in a speech at the rally.

"Just because you tell an adult, that doesn't make you a snitch or a tattle tale. It makes you an informer," she said.

The sheriff, an alum of Walker High School, assured the students that the sheriff's office and Walker Police Department were working together to keep the students safe. 

Walker High School Principal Jason St. Pierre said security measures at the school include a school resource officer, who is based at the high school, and lock down drills. 

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