Livingston Parish 4-Hers at the Culinary Arts Contests include, from left, front row, Christopher Lutz, Gracie Chaney, Deaton Leblanc, Colten Gates, Caden Gates and Haleigh Nettles; and back row, 4-H Agent Mikaela Carender, Kindal Coates, Maddie Durbin, Lauren Frugé, Jaycie Guy, Amie Lobo, Amya Carter and 4-H Agent Christy Sorenson.

Seventeen 4-H members from Livingston Parish competed in the 2018 Southeast Regional 4-H Culinary Arts Contest on May 15 in Ponchatoula at the Lions Club.

They each prepared a dish from a variety of categories, including seafood, beef, poultry, egg, sugar and bento. Judges from around the area sampled the dishes and awarded first through third place in each category, as well as blue and red ribbons.

While the judging took place, the 4-H members participated in several educational activities focused on eating healthy and getting enough physical activity.

Following is a list of winners from Livingston Parish.


Lauren Frugé, of Doyle Elementary, Egg – Main Dish Division


Christopher Lutz, Frost Elementary, Seafood – Shrimp Division; Haleigh Nettles, of French Settlement Elementary, Seafood – Crawfish Division; Amie Lobo, of Westside Junior High, Poultry – Chicken Division; Colten Gates, of North Live Oak Elementary, Poultry – Other Poultry Products; and Aidan Hutchinson, of Holden School, Bento Contest


Kindal Coates, of French Settlement Elementary, Seafood – Oyster Division; and Macey Higginbotham, of Holden School, Seafood – Crab Division


Jewelie Green, of Holden School, Beef – Quick & Easy Division; Zachary Trawick, of Holden School, Egg – Dessert Division; and Gracie Chaney, of Doyle Elementary, blue ribbon, Sugar – Cookies Division


Caden Gates, of North Live Oak Elementary, Beef – Low Calorie Division; Sawyer Herring, of Holden School, Beef – One Dish Meal Division; Jaycie Guy, of Clovers All Over, Egg – Appetizer/Salad Division; Amya Carter, Doyle Elementary, Sugar – Cakes Division; Maddie Durbin, of Holden School, Sugar – Candy Division; and Deaton Leblanc, of Lewis Vincent Elementary, red ribbon, Sugar – Pie Division