Jason Ard, Livingston Parish Sheriff

The Livingston Parish Sheriff said he will "go back to the drawing board" and look for new ways to put a law enforcement officer on every school campus, one week after a school safety tax failed at the ballot box.

"I will never give up on putting an SRO on every campus," Sheriff Jason Ard wrote in a Facebook post Tuesday morning. "It will happen in due time."

The latest statement appears to be a reversal from his stance on Election Night, when Ard declared he had "no further plans of another proposal."

In the Facebook post, Ard said he has received an "overwhelming amount of support emails and calls" from people concerned about the school resource officer program.

It remains unclear what the new proposal would look like or how it would be funded. Lori Steele, a spokeswoman for Ard, declined to make him available for an interview Tuesday. 

"Not ready to discuss at this time," Steele wrote in a text message. "Still analyzing information, etc before moving forward."

On Nov. 6, voters in Livingston Parish rejected a perpetual, half-cent tax proposal that would have funded a law enforcement officer at each school in the parish. 

The tax failed by a wide margin. Fifty-six percent of voters opposed the tax increase, while 44 percent of voters supported it, according to unofficial results from the Secretary of State's Office.

Ard said the tax would have supported a $5.5 million program to staff each school campus with a specially trained officer, who could patrol for threats and serve as a mentor to school children.

The tax was projected to raise from $8 million to $9.4 million next year.

It faced opposition from many residents who thought the sheriff was asking for too much money and questioned whether every school needs to have an officer.

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