Two Livingston Parish public works employees have been arrested on suspicion of breaking into a home to steal guns while they were on the clock and in a parish government vehicle.

Kelby Henderson, 37, and Adam Church, 24, were arrested Monday.

Livingston Police Chief Randy Dufrene said the two were identified as suspects after numerous firearms were reported missing from a Red Oak Road home on Nov. 25 and again on Monday. 

The second burglary happened about 8 a.m. Monday while the victims were still asleep inside, according to a news release from Livingston Police Department. Henderson and Church were identified through surveillance cameras at the home.

Church was located during a traffic stop the same day and found to be in possession of several of the firearms. Henderson's home was searched soon after where more of the firearms were recovered, according to Livingston police.

Dufrene said Henderson and Church were both on the clock with the parish at the time of the burglaries, and they used a parish vehicle to commit the crimes.

Parish President Layton Ricks has begun termination proceedings for the two employees, the news release states.

Both Church and Henderson were booked into the Livingston Parish Jail. Dufrene said more counts could follow as the investigation continues.

Anyone with information on the case should contact Livingston Police Department at 225-686-7153 or Livingston Parish Sheriff's Office at 225-686-2241.

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