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An Energy technician works high above College Drive to restore power after a second morning outage along College Drive south of I-10 Friday June 15, 2018, in Baton Rouge, La. An Entergy official said the power outage could be traced back to a failed lightning arrester near the intersection of College Drive and Bennington Avenue.

An Entergy scam is making its way around south Louisiana in which a caller is saying the customer hasn’t paid their bill and their power will soon be cut off.

The Better Business Bureau of South Louisiana warned that the calls are coming from a 225 area code and they sound like an automated message from Entergy.

One woman who received a scam call said she called the number back but saw online that she had already paid her Entergy bill, despite the automated message saying she hadn’t. The person that answered the phone call asked for the service address and her account number, so she hung up and called Entergy directly.

Entergy then told the woman her account was current and the call was likely a scam, according to the BBB.

Some callers have said the number will show as Entergy on some phones, and scammers have been using a spoofing technique to convince the potential victim that the call is valid.

The scam is most common in summer and winter when people are most dependent on their heating and air.

Warning signs of the scam include the caller asking to pay by prepaid debit card or wire transfer and pressure to pay immediately.

Anyone feeling pressured for immediate action by a caller saying they’re a utility company should hang up and call the customer service line on their utility bill, the BBB says. Never allow anyone into your home unless you have a scheduled appointment or have reported a problem, and ask utility employees for proper identification before letting them enter the home.