The Denham Springs Office of Planning and Development is reminding residents about city ordinances for political signs.

Although permits aren’t needed, signs cannot be placed on property without permission from the property owner or lessee, officials said.

The sign ordinance states:

Signs must not exceed 32 square feet in area.

Yard signs must be smaller than 5 square feet.

Signs can have a maximum of two faces or imprinted sides.

Candidate signs cannot be erected more than three months prior to the opening of qualifying for the election. Proposition signs cannot be placed more than three months prior to the ballot.

All temporary signs must be removed within seven days after balloting. Any signs that haven’t been removed may be removed by the building official for $25 per sign.

All permanent on-premises and temporary signs must be a minimum of 10 feet from the right-of-way of any public street.

Temporary political signs may not be located in any right-of-way, public servitude or passage, street, median, boulevard or neutral ground, between the street and sidewalk nor attached to any tree, utility pole or publicly owned structure. Such signs are considered litter and subject to removal. Building officials will charge $25 per sign to cover the cost of removal.

Signs on a truck, bus or other vehicle, trailer or storage container while in use in the normal course of business are exempt from regulations.

Signs cannot be put up at any intersection, road, right-of-way or any manner that obstructs motorists’ vision.

Portable, mobile, skid mounted signs or other trailer signs are not allowed.

Call the Office of Planning and Development at (225) 667-8326 with questions. All city sign regulations can be found at