HAMMOND — Exceptional dedication to serving others, leadership, performance excellence and community involvement are among the accolades received by Dr. Nik Abraham and nurse practitioner Jean Genzale-Bertrand as North Oaks Health System’s Providers of the Year for 2017. Both practice with North Oaks Cardiology Clinic in Hammond.

The Medical Executive Committees for North Oaks Medical Center and North Oaks Rehabilitation Hospital have traditionally selected a Physician of the Year annually based on nominations from North Oaks employees, volunteers and providers. This is the first time they have honored a Nurse Practitioner of the Year as well.

Abraham has been a provider with North Oaks Physician Group since 2013. 

In his time with North Oaks, he has introduced several advanced and minimally invasive cardiovascular procedures to the hospital’s services. 

One nomination for Abraham recounted, “During the floods, several providers were unable to make it to the hospital safely. Dr. Abraham stepped up to care for their patients without hesitation.”

Nominations also made note of his “excellent communication skills” and “involvement in the total care of his patients.”

Another acknowledged his patience, stating, “He takes time with his patients and really listens to provide the best care. He always explains things to patients and even comes back if they still don’t understand. He puts the patient first always.”

In 2009, Bertrand joined North Oaks Physician Group as a nurse practitioner with North Oaks Cardiology Clinic in Hammond. As a nurse practitioner, she manages the overall care of her patients independently with an emphasis on education for disease prevention and management.

Nominations described Bertrand as an “amazing advocate for both patients and staff” and as someone who is “always eager to teach so that we all understand the care being provided.”

Another nomination praised her as a role model, reading, “She cares about her patients — their needs, their desires, their expectations and their family members’ expectations. She gives everything she does 110 percent! I strive to be as compassionate, excited, positive, professional and motivated as Jean.”