2018 Louisiana Youth Hunter of the Year female winner Kynlee Buras, right, with father Rusty Buras.

Kynlee Buras, of Livingston, has been selected as the 2018 Louisiana Female Youth Hunter of the Year.

The Youth Hunter of the Year Program is a joint effort with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, Louisiana Wildlife Federation and Louisiana Outdoors Writers Association.

Buras will receive her awards at the 55th Governor’s State Conservation Achievement Awards Banquet on April 27 at Ashley Manor in Baton Rouge, which is hosted by Louisiana Wildlife Federation.

Evan Alderson, of Sulphur, the 2018 Louisiana Male Youth Hunter of the Year also will be honored.

Buras, 8, proved during her two November 2018 deer hunting trips with father, Rusty, that you don’t necessarily have to bring anything home for it to be successful. On both trips while hunting in Utica, Mississippi, Kynlee and her father saw deer but didn’t harvest one.

On their initial trip, the duo saw a doe before arriving at the deer stand but were not in a position to get off a shot. They waited about an hour and 20 minutes in the deer stand with no success when Kynlee told her father she was tired and had had enough.

The second trip was more of a success but the father-daughter duo still wasn’t able to harvest a deer. After about 30 minutes in the deer stand, four deer appeared.

“I was flabbergasted when I saw them,’’ Kynlee said. “I got ready to shoot but the deer must have heard me because all of them ran away.’’

Later, a doe appeared and Rusty Buras advised Kynlee to wait until it came closer to the stand.

But it never did. Nevertheless, Kynlee said both trips have helped to turn her into a deer hunter.

“I was sad (that they weren’t able to harvest a deer),’’ Kynlee said. “But I can’t wait to go hunting next year. The two main reasons that I enjoy hunting are that I get to admire God’s beautiful creation and spend time with my daddy. I will treasure those moments forever.’’

The 2019 Youth Hunter of the Year contest application will be available in the fall.