Dennis Perkins

The attorney for a former Livingston Parish deputy accused of rape and producing child pornography is seeking to remove himself as counsel in the case.

J. David Bourland, a prominent Baton Rouge attorney, filed a motion in the 21st Judicial District Court Monday seeking to resign from the ongoing case against Dennis Perkins, citing an inability to agree upon a defense.

 Bourland said in the filing that it had become apparent he and Perkins are "not able to proceed in an effective and sufficient manner to provide a proper and constitutional defense."

He was hired privately to represent Perkins.

Perkins, 44, was arrested in late October on suspicion of more than 60 counts of producing child pornography, two counts of rape and additional counts of video voyeurism and obscenity.

He is accused of carrying out the acts alleged with his wife, former Livingston Parish school teacher Cynthia Perkins, 34.

The state Attorney General's Office, which is leading prosecution in the case, still has not formally charged Perkins or made public more specific details of the allegations against him.

The office repeatedly cites the sensitive nature of the investigation and need to protect the child victim or victims.

Reached Monday afternoon, Bourland said it wouldn't be appropriate to comment on his reasons for seeking resignation until it had gone before a Livingston Parish judge.

There is not a court date set specifically to address the attorney issue yet, but Perkins' case is next set for hearing Dec. 19.

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