Livingston Parish Resident Muriel Laws holds up a packet of 500 signatures she collected from residents who want recycling service. She presented the signatures to the Livingston Parish Council on Thursday night.

A Livingston Parish woman says she went door to door and collected 500 signatures from residents who want recycling pickup — a service most parish residents outside the city of Denham Springs don't get.

Muriel Laws, who lives south of Walker, brought a red packet full of names to the Livingston Parish Council meeting on Thursday night.

"Why is it, in 2019, we're talking about needing recycling?" Laws asked the nine councilmen. "Why is it we have all this growth but no services, such as holes in the street, animal control, sink holes. And just, more importantly, recycling!"

Laws said she had recycling service in the Woodland Crossing subdivision until 2016 when it abruptly stopped. She asked the councilmen to put the issue to a vote of the people. 

Her comments were met with cheers from the audience and two other women who took to the podium afterwards to endorse the idea. 

"Right now, we just have that big landfill. What are we doing to make our parish cleaner and more attractive to young people?" asked Robin Parrott, a former teacher. 

Some parish council member voiced skepticism about the idea, though, saying recycling is expensive and questioning whether the parish could find a contractor.

Council Chairman Shane Mack, of Albany, said he would call Waste Management, the company that picks up trash in most of the parish, to see if they could offer optional recycling services.

"I think you should have the recycle if you so choose. I think that's a good thing, to preserve the earth, teach your children to do that," Mack said. 

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