HAMMOND — Southeastern Louisiana University’s Emergency Alert System encourages students, faculty and staff to register for notices via phone, text or email addresses in addition to school email accounts, which are automatically registered, a news release said.

For those who have not registered, a new semester is the perfect time to do so.

Registration is free and takes a minute or two to complete. Students, faculty and staff can register for the system by visiting southeastern.edu/alert.

The system is tested periodically to ensure successful message delivery, but otherwise is used exclusively for emergency notices, including weather-related campus closures.

The Southeastern Emergency Alert System is one of the schools information facets. Information on all the various offerings and endeavors can be found at southeastern.edu/safecampus. The southeastern.edu homepage is also a source of information for situations developing on campus or weather-related warnings and updates.

Included in the overall plan are sirens located strategically across campus that will sound in the event of an emergency.

“If you hear the sirens, check your device for information,” said Vice President of Administration and Finance Sam Domiano. “Communications will come via email and also via text and phone for those who have registered for those additional delivery methods.”

An app is available to provide students, faculty and staff with simple instructions and recommendations for actions to take in the event of an on-campus emergency. Go to southeastern.edu/safecampusapp on any smartphone or device to download the free app.

The app can direct dial the University Police Department from its home screen and from links embedded throughout its sections. Among the areas addressed on the app are suggested steps to take in the case of an active shooter or stabbing on campus; bomb threat; fire or explosion; or intruder/mental health emergency. It also addresses procedures to be taken for a lockdown, shelter in place, evacuation, physical injury, sexual assault, weapons on campus and weather emergencies.