Two of five people charged in a horrific Amite case in which an autistic woman was kept in a backyard cage and psychologically and physically abused have been sentenced in federal court.

Raylaine Knope, 43, who authorities considered a ringleader in the case, was sentenced to 28 years in federal prison. Her daughter, Bridget Lambert, 22, was sentenced to four years in prison.

Three others in the family were charged in the case: Raylaine Knope's husband, Terry Knope; his daughter Taylor Knope; and Raylaine Knope's son Jody Lambert.

The victim, a relative of the Knopes, had been living with the family since 2015 when the woman's own mother died.

The family subjected the victim to ongoing abuse that included forcing her to eat her mother's ashes, beating her and attempting to traffic her for sex. The five were arrested in June 2016.

Some of the abuse included holding the woman underwater in a bathtub and burning her with a lighter, according to records.

“The defendants’ actions in this matter were nothing short of cruel and inhumane. Both Raylaine Knope and Bridget Lambert mistreated and psychologically abused another human being, a family member, and someone who should have been considered a loved one,” Special Agent in Charge Bryan A. Vorndran, of the FBI New Orleans Field Office, said in a news release Thursday.

Each of the family members was charged with a range of offenses in the case. Federal records indicate Jody Lambert was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison and Taylor Knope's case is set for a jury trial in January 2021.

Court records indicate Terry Knope is scheduled for sentencing Oct. 31.