During LSU's summer commencement, 23 students graduated with honors, including two students who received a University Medal for graduating with the highest undergraduate grade-point average in the class.

The University Medalists included Laura Lynette Tracy, a native of LaPlace, who graduated from the College of Humanities & Social Sciences; and Chanelle Rose Trahan, of Baton Rouge, who graduated from the College of Humanities & Social Sciences.

Among the university’s 609 graduates were 16 LSU faculty and staff members. Of the 16 employees who graduated, one received a bachelor’s degree, one received a graduate certificate, seven earned master’s degrees and seven earned doctoral degrees.

August 2019 graduates included:


College of Human Sciences & Education

Zachary: Tiara Rochelle Spann

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Zachary: Morgan Lucille McKey

College of Science

Zachary: Ashlyn Brionne Washington

Graduate School


Central: Brandie Granata Gilchrist

Zachary: Emily Brooke Flanders


Baker: Verna Marie Richard

Zachary: Kathleen Alyse Winn