Dennis Perkins

Louisiana State Police has determined former Livingston Parish Sheriff's Office deputy Dennis Perkins did not commit a crime when he was accused of inappropriately touching a child in 2014, but a counselor did refer to it as grooming behavior.

State Police released an incident report Wednesday detailing a resurfaced investigation into a 2014 incident Livingston Parish Sheriff Jason Ard addressed in a press conference Wednesday.

In that case, an unidentified third party went to State Police claiming Perkins had acted inappropriately with a child, so the agency passed that information to LPSO and Ard for further review. LPSO already had that information firsthand from a Baton Rouge Police Department officer who said it was a child in his family that was touched, according to State Police.

Ard said Wednesday he didn't make any physical note of the officer's allegation but did a "verbal investigation" consisting of speaking to the BRPD officer and Perkins. Perkins denied the allegations and no further investigation happened.

The allegation came to light after Perkins, 44, was arrested last week on more than 60 counts of producing child pornography, two counts of first degree rape, video voyeurism and obscenity.

He was terminated immediately from LPSO, where he had served since 2002, and his personnel file showed no disciplinary action or complaints on file.

State Police last week revisited the allegation by speaking with the BRPD officer who disclosed the allegation to Ard, and though they confirmed there was no criminal act in 2014, the new report contains a claim Perkins groomed the young girl.

The incident report, redacted and released on Wednesday afternoon, says the BRPD officer said that in 2013, a girl in his family was at a sleepover at the Perkins' home when Perkins' wife at that time awoke to find Dennis Perkins in bed with the girl watching a movie.

She called the man's wife and told her what had happened and the girl never went back to the house, but the BRPD officer who reported the situation said no crime had occurred. The family got counseling for the girl "out of caution," according to the report, and that counselor reportedly told the family that Perkins had engaged in "grooming behavior" but nothing hands-on had occurred.

The counselor also told the family he believed Perkins "had done this before and would do it again" according to the document.

The BRPD officer spoke to Ard but did not make any formal complaint with LPSO or any other agency. State Police also contacted the juvenile earlier this week but she did not wish to be interviewed about the incident.

Editor’s note: This article was changed on Thursday, Oct. 31, to reflect that an unidentified third party contacted State Police about the allegation in 2014. The agency last week also interviewed a Baton Rouge Police Department officer who had made a similar allegation to Livingston Parish Sheriff Jason Ard in 2014.

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