Dennis Perkins

An ex-Livingston Parish deputy accused of committing scores of sexual abuses against children and adults had exhibited earlier warning signs when he told Baton Rouge Police during a 1998 job interview he had engaged in sexual activity with a minor, according to documents filed Monday in state court proceedings.

The documents filed in 21st Judicial District Court detail the combined 150 felony counts Dennis Perkins and his wife Cynthia Perkins, a former teacher, face involving sexual crimes against two adults, two minors and a dog dating back several years.

Included in the 52-page document describing years of sexual abuse is a copy of Perkins’ 1998 job application to the Baton Rouge Police Department in which he admitted to sexual acts with a 13-year-old girl when he was 18, among other criminal activity.

His written responses were to questions about whether he had engaged in any past illegal activity and include times he flashed his penis for Mardi Gras beads, used drugs, paid for sex and attempted to make an online purchase by guessing credit card numbers just weeks before he applied for the job in Baton Rouge. Perkins also noted he once peered into a relative's window while she was naked.

One interviewer wrote in a response to Perkins’ application that “negative aspects in his background which he admitted to are very disturbing” and that Perkins “has some growing up to do." All other members of the Baton Rouge hiring board recommended against his hiring, and he was not hired.

At the time, Perkins had been working as a reserve deputy in Livingston Parish. Over the past two decades, Perkins climbed the ranks and headed the department's SWAT team before the agency fired him following his indictment.

Livingston Parish Sheriff Jason Ard was a training officer for the agency at the time of Perkins' hiring but had no involvement in screening him, which happened under a previous administration, department spokeswoman Lori Steele said Monday.

Ard said shortly after Perkins’ arrest that no formal complaint had ever been filed against the law officer since he took office in 2012. 

A tip last fall from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children related to abuse of children and pornographic photos of minors led state investigators to connect the material to Perkins’ internet service provider address, court records state.

Investigators found a cache of videos at the Perkins’ home and on a hard drive at Dennis Perkins’ office containing pornographic videos and photos, including adults and minors, according to court records.

The majority of the allegations in Perkins’ cases involve a juvenile victim under the age of 13 who documents say was the victim of rape, attempted rape, sexual battery, video voyeurism and the production of child pornography during several months in 2019.

A victim told investigators she believed she may have been drugged by the couple before being sexually assaulted, according to court records.

Authorities also discovered a video of Dennis Perkins recording down a woman’s shirt and up her shorts during a 2012 traffic stop.

The couple also is charged with a count each of mingling harmful substances that stem from allegations that Dennis Perkins' bodily fluids were placed in various pastries and into bottles of energy drinks that were consumed by unsuspecting victims.

Cynthia Perkins is also charged with the same count for helping her husband in that crime following their arrest last fall. She filed for a divorce after the couple was indicted earlier this year.

A grand jury earlier this year also indicted Melanie Curtain, a Livingston Parish resident, on a pair of felony sexual assault charges. Prosecutors say she helped Dennis Perkins rape an adult in 2014 and worked with the ex-deputy to film an unidentified adult without their knowledge.

Following the Perkinses October arrest, Cynthia Perkins resigned from her job as a teacher at Westside Junior High School in Walker where she’d worked since 2009.

They’ve pleaded not guilty to the charges and have remained held without bail since their arrests.

The couple was scheduled to appear in court Tuesday for a pre-trial hearing, which is being rescheduled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Prosecutors charged the couple on a single bill of information, which would see them tried together. No date has been set on a trial.

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