Sacred Heart of Jesus School recently honored its 2017-18 Brotherhood & Sisterhood Award recipients. Pictured are, first row from left, Thomas Brauner, Kamryn Baker, Abby David, Clarke Volland, Dylann Young, Jerrold Roscoe, William Henderson and Nathan Beall; second row, Eliza Bodin, Emmett Herasymiuk, Maggie McCormack, Loghan Gustin, Jason DeCuir, Jaxon McCollum, Lauren Carter, Luke Broussard and Caden Trumble; third row, Trey Coleman, Jack McKay, Turner Hester, Cecilia Doan, Joshua Bertrand, Cameron Glenn, Leslie Stevens and Emma Nguyen; and fourth row, faculty member Carol Wilfert, Whitney Bracken, Isabella Rawlinson, Sophia Guillory, Willie Bracken, Danny Woods, Ann Claire Harris and staff member Susan Faucheux. Not pictured is Elena Rico.

Sacred Heart of Jesus School presented its annual Brotherhood & Sisterhood Awards for faculty, staff and students during its weekly school-wide Mass on March 21.

Second-grade teacher Carol Wilfert and receptionist Susan Faucheux received the faculty and staff awards.

Eighth-grade recipients were Sophia Guillory and Willie Bracken.

Recipients in prekindergarten through seventh grade were Elena Rico and William Henderson, pre-K1; Clarke Volland and Nathan Beall, K1; Dylann Young and Jerrold Roscoe, K2; Kamryn Baker and Thomas Brauner, 1A; Abby David and Jaxon McCollum, 1B; Eliza Bodin and Emmett Herasymiuk, 2A; Loghan Gustin and Caden Trumble, 3A; Emma Nguyen and Jason DeCuir, 3B; Maggie McCormick and Trey Coleman, 4A; Lauren Carter and Joshua Bertrand, 5A; Cecilia Doan and Cameron Glenn, 5B; Whitney Bracken and Turner Hester, 6A; Isabella Rawlinson and Danny Woods, 6B; Leslie Stevens and Jack McKay, 7A; and Ann Claire Harris and Luke Broussard, 7B.

Classmates select student recipients, and coworkers select faculty and staff recipients. The awards are given to those who treat others with respect and dignity, regardless of differences, and exemplify the ideals of how people are called to treat one another as members of the family of God, a news release said.