A few months after high school graduation, seven 2019 University Laboratory School International Baccalaureate candidates – Abigail Baumgartner, Johannah Cangelosi, Antoinette Gladney, Ella McCalip, Jane Shelby Porter, Marien Richardson and Katherine Thomas – learned that they had achieved the scores necessary to earn their full IB diplomas.

There are 2,926 schools in 144 countries that offer the diploma curriculum, which is recognized throughout the world as both comprehensive and challenging. In 2001, ULS became the first high school in Louisiana to offer the IB diploma program.

Baumgartner, Cangelosi and McCalip are enrolled at LSU. Gladney is enrolled at Florida State University; Porter is enrolled at the College of Charleston; Richardson is attending Bryn Mawr College; and Thomas is a student at the University of Virginia.