Liam Calkins Full Court Basketball Shot.jpg

St. Thomas More Catholic School eighth-grader Liam Calkins made a full-court basketball shot during a school Athletic Association basketball game in February.

Liam Calkins made a full-court shot during a School Athletic Association basketball game in February, a news release said.

The eighth-grader plays for St. Thomas More Catholic School, who was facing St. Jean Vianney Catholic School when he accomplished the feat with 2 seconds left in the game, bringing the final score to 27-25.

"We had a fast opportunity to win the game, and the only thought that I had was to catch the ball and shoot it. Then when the shot went in, I was mesmerized. The reaction by our team was unbelievable. They came and tackled me onto the ground,” Liam said.

He credited his team for the victory and the opportunity to take the shot and also congratulated St. Jean Vianney for the team's sportsmanship in congratulating him on the shot after the game.

Asked if his shot was luck or skill, Liam said, "This was "God's plan for whatever reason … to give us more opportunities to practice and get better. Our coach, Jack Fridge, was in shock and is always looking for opportunities for us to get better."

St. Thomas More Principal Judy Armstrong praised Liam for his sportsmanship and humility.

"He is an outstanding young man, full of life and energy. He greets everyone with a wide, contagious smile,” Armstrong said. “Liam is a leader among his classmates in his faith, academics and co-curricular activities. He serves STM church as an altar server for weekday and Sunday Masses."