Sacred Heart of Jesus School students battled faculty in the third annual Faculty vs. Eighth Grade Lip Sync Battle on April 19. The event was a benefit for the Sacred Heart of Jesus St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry.

The eighth-graders’ theme was “A Journey Through the Life of a Sacred Heart Student,” and the teachers’ theme was “Mixed-Up Musical.”

Faculty and students used nonperishable food items to vote over a five-day span for their favorite performance, with voters placing items in the barrel of their choice for either students or faculty. The eighth-graders retained the championship with 3.25 filled barrels to the teachers’ 2.75 barrels. The teachers won the original lip sync battle in 2016.

Throughout the school year, Sacred Heart students donate nonperishable food items weekly to the food pantry at every Wednesday’s schoolwide Mass. The lip sync battle near the end of the school year helps the pantry stay stocked for the summer months.