Baton Rouge Green presented its first Baton Rouge Green Awards in decades during the 2018 Louisiana Arbor Day Celebration on Jan. 19 at the LSU Rural Life Museum.

Preserve at Harveston developers John Fetzer and Mike Wampold received the awards for their planting of 88 mature live oak trees on South Bluebonnet Boulevard.

“In total, we have probably planted over 500 trees as part of this development, and there are more phases to come and more trees to be planted,” Wampold said.

Wampold and Fetzer’s multiphase development on Bluebonnet previously had been an agricultural space lacking a tree canopy. The developers brought in the mature trees, which took more than a month to plant and required special equipment to transport and install. The trees now line both sides of a 1-mile stretch of South Bluebonnet Boulevard, a news release said.