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Among those at the Sept. 9 meeting of the LSU Faculty and Staff Retirees Club are, from left, Brenda Smith, Mary Adcock, Chris Tyson of the East Baton Rouge Parish Redevelopment Authority and Karen and Charlie Overstreet.

Members of the LSU Faculty and Staff Retirees Club learned about the work of the East Baton Rouge Parish Redevelopment Authority during the club's Sept. 9 meeting. 

Chris Tyson, president and chief economic officer of the authority, said the organization's goals include eliminating blight, stimulating economic development and enabling affordable housing. These are done by partnering with local stakeholders and securing grants.

“It’s about building for the future. It’s hopeful. It’s partnerships and cooperation. It’s about bringing people and resources together across EBR,” Tyson said.

The CEO said the agency looks at the parish as any potential employer would, at the good and the bad. For example, a company may want to locate in one part of the parish, but if employees can’t get to it for lack reliable transportation, the company might look elsewhere. A rapid transit bus system could help alleviate that problem, and that’s an authority goal.

Refreshments were provided by Mary Adcock, Barbara Aldrich, Marsha Arrighi, Pat Lee, Lyn LeJeune and Leo Triche. The LSU retirees club holds meetings, tours and social events through the academic year and is open to all retirees and their spouses. For information, email