This month, Louisiana Public Broadcasting is introducing a new documentary, "In the Blind," that traces the traditions and culture of waterfowl hunting in Louisiana and explores the sport’s relevance in a global conservation effort to preserve and restore waterfowl populations, migratory flyways and fragile habitat of this imperiled region.

The producer, writer and director of "In the Blind" is New Orleans-based filmmaker Emma Lou Reid, who spent three years immersed in the culture, politics and landscape of duck hunting, according to a news release. 

The program features an immersive, “day in the life” of the sport’s most passionate participants, from the hunters and guides, to the card players, storytellers, cooks, decoy carvers, call-makers, wildlife conservationists, land managers and environmental journalists.

Intended for viewers who hunt and those who don’t, In the Blind will highlight duck hunters’ historically significant role in protecting Louisiana’s landscape, and will examine what is at stake if the traditions are lost.

Beth Courtney, president and CEO of LPB, will interview Reid about the project during the statewide premiere of :In the Blind" at 7 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 12 on LPB. The film will also be streaming live at