The youngsters of Sacred Heart of Jesus School celebrated the birthday of children’s author Dr. Seuss during the week of Feb. 26.

Prekindergartners feasted on green eggs and ham, while kindergartners designed and created their own versions of the hat worn by the Cat in the Hat.

Third-graders completed a variety of activities including Seussical Similes to describe the Cat in the Hat and finding onomatopoeias in Dr. Seuss books.

Seuss included many onomatopoeias, or words that phonetically imitate or resemble the sound it describes, such as cock-a-doodle-doo. Another third-grade activity had students personify their shoes after reading “The Foot Book” and write a monologue from their shoe to their foot. Personification is when something that is not a living thing acts like a person.

Dr. Seuss activities culminated with the reading of students’ favorite books during Relax and Read time on March 2, celebrated nationwide as Read Across America Day.