Cardiac care Keller Green

In the front row, from left, are registered nurses John Lesage,Ben Schuler and Brooke Everett; Drs. V. Antoine Keller and Garland Green; and and Heath Auzenne of Medtronic. Behind them are Rob Hickey of Medtronic and registered nurse Ian Fitzgerald.

Patients at risk of heart failure because of valvular disease now have access to a technological advance introduced in Louisiana by physicians at the Cardiovascular Institute of the South and Baton Rouge General Medical Center.

CIS interventional cardiologist Dr. Garland Green and BRG cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. V. Antoine Keller performed the first three procedures in Lousiana with the Medtronic Evolut PRO+ TAVR System for treating severe aortic stenosis, a news release said. The Medtronic system includes four valve sizes with an external pericardial tissue wrap that provides advanced sealing for the largest indicated patient treatment range and the lowest delivery profile.

Severe aortic stenosis occurs when the aortic valve leaflets become stiff and thickened and have difficulty opening and closing, making the heart work harder to pump blood to the rest of the body and, therefore, impacting an individual’s daily activities. If left untreated, patients with symptomatic severe aortic stenosis can die from heart failure in as little as two years. Symptoms of aortic stenosis may include breathlessness, chest pressure or tightness, fainting, palpitations or heart murmur.

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