Amy Pickenheim’s kindergarten class at Sacred Heart of Jesus School includes, clockwise from bottom center, William Boudreaux, Brenton Frederick, Alex Sasich, Mathieu Brackeen, Chadwick Potter, Quentin Metz, Liam Hebert, Harper Sternfels, Madison Johnson, Nathan Beall, Kaiden Monroe, Alexa Erwin, Isabella Horton, Clarke Volland and Quinn Farlow. Not pictured is Savannah Bryan. The students are pictured around their class heart where they collect weekly food donations that go to people in need who live in Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish boundaries.

The Advocate's Classroom Spotlight this week is Amy Pickenheim's kindergarten class at Sacred Heart of Jesus School. Sacred Heart's theme for the 2017-18 school year is “Growing Hearts Alive in Christ.” Kindergartners were asked:

How does your heart grow alive in Jesus?

NATHAN BEALL: Bring flowers to sick people in the hospital.

WILLIAM BOUDREAUX: Be kind to people when they don’t have something.

MATHIEU BRACKEEN: Smile at people every day.

SAVANNAH BRYAN: Read a book to my friend when they are sad.

ALEXA ERWIN: Helping friends get up when they get hurt.

QUINN FARLOW: Help my dad dig up the sand outside.

BRENTON FREDERICK: Never going to be bad.

LIAM HEBERT: Hug your parents.

ISABELL HORTON: Giving water to the homeless.

MADISON JOHNSON: Pray for your family.

QUENTIN METZ: Listen to your parents.

KAIDEN MONROE: Give somebody a hug when they are not feeling good.

CHADWICK POTTER: Help people when they have a flat tire on the side of the road.

ALEX SASICH: Do not fight with your parents.

HARPER STERNFELS: Helping people who don’t have a mom and dad.

CLARKE VOLLAND: Bandaging people when they are hurt.