A huge crane was used to install three giant diagnostic tools May 10 and 11 at Bluebonnet Imaging Center, 4570 Bluebonnet Blvd.

The diagnostic tools are a compute tomography (CT) scanner and two advanced magnetic resonance imaging machines, each weighing several thousand pounds. They were lifted off delivery vehicles and hoisted over the Bluebonnet Imaging Center office, then placed alongside breached walls that were opened to make way for them.

The sensitive but very heavy technology required precision lifting and placement by the installation technicians and crane operators.

One of the MRI machines is a 3 Tesla or 3T model that has a stronger magnet and makes better images than other MRI machines, according to a news release. The other is a high-field open 1.2T MRI system that Bluebonnet says is the first of its kind in Baton Rouge.

The CT scanner is a 32-slice model with a larger bore for added comfort. 

The new technology is expected to go online this month after calibration is completed, according to a news release.