The 2018 Krewe of Runnels Royale includes, front from left, Adleigh Watts, Awad Khalil, Trinity Perkins, Jackson Phillips, Dru Hairford and Limmie Bailey; and back, Alaina White, Arthur Ullo, Carter Parsons, Morgan McCloud, Cooper Coates and Poppy Pellissier.

Runnels Elementary School presented its 2018 Krewe of Runnels Royale during its annual Mardi Gras coronation and tableau on Feb. 9 in the Gladys Hague Runnels Theatre.

Two royal courts were named for the day, a Petite Court for grades one to three and a Grande Court for grades four to six. To ensure fairness, courts are selected by drawing names, a news release said.

The Petite Court included King Arthur Ullo and Queen Alaina White, both third-graders, along with first-graders Adleigh Watts and Awad Khalil, and second-graders Trinity Perkins and Jackson Phillips.

The Grande Court included King Cooper Coates and Queen Poppy Pellissier, both sixth-graders, along with fourth-graders Dru Hairford and Limmie Bailey, and fifth-graders Morgan McCloud and Carter Persons.

The coronation and Mardi Gras Parade of Royalty were followed by a musical number performed onstage by every elementary class and, for the first time, the Runnels High School senior class.