Dunham School AP

Dunham School students recognized for their performance on Advanced Placement exams are, Victoria Saffell, front left, and Ciara Venable, front right; second row, from left, Caroline Bardwell, Emma Spencer, Kyla Johnson, Catherine Enos, Andra Negulescu and Reagan Courville; and third row, Rhett Greer, Ashley McCarthy, Tré Landaiche, Clayton Fair and Caden Eagleton.

The College Board has recognized 32 students from The Dunham School in Baton Rouge for their performance on Advanced Placement exams. 

Recent 2019 graduates Kathryn Dunphy, now attending the University of Virginia, and Parker Harris, now attending Duke University, were named National AP Scholars. The designation is awarded to students who average a minimum score of 4, on a 5 point scale, in all AP exams they take, and score 4 or higher in at least eight of these exams.

Current Dunham students recognized for their performance on AP exams are: 

  • Seniors Tré Landaiche, Emma Spencer and Ciara Venable, AP Scholars with Distinction
  • Seniors Catherine Enos and Kyla Johnson, AP Scholars with Honor
  • Seniors Caroline Bardwell, Caden Eagleton, Clayton Fair, Ashley McCarthy, Andra Negulescu and Victoria Saffell; and juniors Reagan Courville and Rhett Greer, AP Scholars.

Along with Dunphy and Harris, other members of the Dunham Class of 2019 recognized for their performance on AP exams are: 

  • AP Scholars with Distinction Conner Bown (LSU), Sylvia Xiaojun Chen (University of California Irvine), Maggie Kate Coast (LSU), Ireland Coates (LSU), Emma Davis, (University of South Carolina), Reed Landry (Cornell University), Eric Ponder (LSU), Isabella Rovere (LSU), Luke Russell (LSU), Anushka Singh (LSU Honors College), and Jessica Williams (University of Arkansas).
  • AP Scholars with Honor Hayden Dudley (LSU), Caroline Enos (LSU), Arrington Holmes (University of Louisiana) and Luke Militello (LSU).
  • AP Scholars Brian Lewis (Xavier University) and Jack Haochen Zhang (University of Illinois).

“Our students’ strong performance on these AP exams reflects the quality of our teaching and the growth of our AP program,” says Upper School director Amanda McIlwain. “These scores send a strong signal to college admissions officers that our students are well-prepared for success in their undergraduate programs.”

In May 2019, 73 Dunham students sat for 148 AP exams, with 85% earning a score of 3 or higher, making them eligible to receive college credit, upper-level placement, or both. The average score of all tests taken by Dunham students was 3.6, a news release said. The national average is 2.89.

The Dunham School offers 18 AP courses for students who are ready to tackle the challenge of college-level work. Each rigorous course culminates with a comprehensive exam in the spring. AP tests are scored off-site by a committee composed of readers representing colleges and secondary schools across the country. Created by the College Board in 1955, the AP program is recognized as a standard of excellence in education. Dunham has had 107 students named as AP Scholars since 2015 .