Thirteen alumni return to St. Thomas More as educators _lowres

Photo provided by Tootie Lee -- St. Thomas More Catholic School alumni who recently returned to the school as faculty, staff and priest, from left, are Ashley McDaniel, Kristi Miller, Felice Bourque, Melissa Higgins, Shelley Fontenot, Sean Rogers, Adrienne Callender, the Rev. Matthew McCaughey, Sheri Vutera, Brad Nelson, Ann DeJean, Morgan Olinde and Kristen Baldridge.

St. Thomas More Catholic School recently welcomed back 13 former students as faculty, staff and priest, a news release said.

New teachers are Brad Nelson, Morgan Olinde, Sean Rogers, Kristen Baldridge, Melissa McDonald Higgins, Kristi Zimmerman Miller, Adrienne Fox Callender and Sheri Polozola Vutera.

“I am also excited to be returning to St. Thomas More this year with one of my graduating classmates,” Olinde said. “I would have never imagined back in eighth-grade that Brad (Nelson) and I would be returning 10 years later as teachers ourselves.”

“Some of my fondest memories were made during my time as a student,” Vutera said. “I decided while I was a student here that I wanted to be a teacher and my dream was to come back and teach at STM. I wanted to be among the ranks of the teachers that had such a big influence on my life.”

Also returning as staff are Shelley Wyble Fontenot, nursery director; Ashley Hebert McDaniel, assistant principal; Ann McGarry DeJean, upper grades guidance counselor; and Felice Ott Bourque, librarian.

The Rev. Matthew McCaughey, a 1998 graduate, is the parochial vicar. He was named St. Thomas More Catholic School’s Distinguished Graduate last year.