A Baton Rouge native specializing in digital drafting and three-dimensional design has created a custom “In Flight” art installation in the Woman’s Hospital main atrium.

The display of life-sized birds soaring inside the hospital was made possible by a donation from the family of Rose Marie Fife, a breast cancer survivor and longtime hospital volunteer.

Artist Brad Bourgoyne was inspired by the weightless flight of Louisiana’s indigenous birds like the egret and heron and his interpretation of their nesting habits. “Birds have long been associated with the journey through life’s many seasons and cycles of renewal,” Bourgoyne said. “Designed specifically for the space, this sculptural installation represents Woman’s Hospital as a place of nurturing and healing, and will hopefully welcome visitors with a vision of nature that not only lifts the eye but also lifts the spirit.”

The display uses a thin durable material that is delicately woven by a 3D printer to create the shape and details of each bird. Life-size white egrets with 7-foot wingspans soar above the main lobby, while 48 smaller birds flock in front of the large windows on separate frames. The flock is coated with opalescent colors of green, blue, yellow, purple and pink to reflect the natural light from the curtain wall on the entrance of the hospital. 

“Woman’s is like my second home. And how wonderful is it to have something so beautiful be added to this incredible place. It is my hope that every time someone looks up at these magnificent birds that they can feel the love and comfort my family and I have felt from this hospital for so many years.” Fife saidin news release.