Sequitur Classical Academy, a nonprofit that offers academic courses for students who are registered with the state of Louisiana as homeschool students, has begun a student ambassador program for students in grades six through 12.

The students chosen for the ambassador program are hard-working; focus on the right things during school; display integrity and honesty; and are pleasant to work with, enjoyable to teach and respectful and kind to their classmates, according to a news release.

Sequitur Classical Academy's 2019-20 student ambassadors are Owen Abbott, Andrew Aucoin, Allie Authement, Emma Authement, Sara Authement, Hannah Kate Bayham, Kory Brock, Abby Crowe, Grace Ann Damann, Lucas Dreher, Nora Dreher, Therese Dunbar, Caroline Heard, Bryce King, Virginia Mitchell, Hannah Price, Corinne Shipley, Will Town and Ben Wroten.