Sarah Tarver.JPG

University Laboratory School junior Sarah Tarver stands next to a piece she created that is on display with the Louisiana World Peace Day exhibition at the State Capitol.

More than 100 pieces of art by University Laboratory School middle and high school students are on display with the Louisiana World Peace Day exhibition through Tuesday.

The exhibition is available for viewing from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Memorial Hall Rotunda of the State Capitol.

Junior Sarah Tarver was chosen to speak about the meaning behind her artwork during a ceremony for the exhibition Oct. 1. Sarah drew a portrait of a young man in the Vietnam War, based upon a photo taken by Horst Faas on June 18, 1965.

“I chose to recreate the photo of this young man because I felt that his expression of innocence is just a mask to the horrors of war behind him,” Tarver said of her artwork.

“Overall, I believe that world peace is more than just getting along,” she said. “World peace is about looking back at our past, our failures and moving forward trying to prevent these things from happening again.