Cade Tate Runnels.jpg

Runnels basketball player Cade Tate

Runnels senior basketball guard Cade Tate made school history at the home game against Bolton on Jan. 11, making 12 three-pointers in a single game. The previous Raider record-holder was Robbie White, who graduated in 2000.

Tate also set a personal record by posting a game high of 42 points. He supplied nearly half of the winning points in the 88-61 Raider victory.

Also contributing to the Raider win was sophomore Wesley Stevenson, who made six three-pointers. When the final buzzer sounded, he had pitched in a total of 26 points for the win.

At game’s end, the Raiders had made 21 three-pointers in 34 attempts, which is also a new record for Runnels basketball.

The team is now 20-11 on the season.

Also on the Runnels team are freshmen Drew Burbank, Collin Coates, Charlie Garrison and Robbie Harrison; sophomores Grant Treadaway, Parker Collett and Ben Stafford; juniors Ben Holliday, Jack Kahn and Phillip Lukinovich; and seniors Collin Bueche, London Deshotels and Griffin Kennedy.