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Among the new members of the Junior Beta Club at Runnels School in Baton Rouge are, front row from left, Yaseen Zaid, Sammy Ismail, Cameron Stevenson, Lexie Matens, Emily Khalil, Kelly Messenger and Laura Golda; second row, Harrison Whittemore, Matthew Campbell, Emma Felton, Elise Parrish, Gracie Coates, Maeve Dolan and Shayda Bozeman; and third row, Sophia Rabeaux, Clara Huxen, Alaina Milam, Rebecca Ortlieb, Alex Griffin, Conner Joubert and Landree Clark.

The Runnels Junior Beta Club welcomed 24 new members into its ranks at a candlelight induction ceremony Jan. 24 in the Gladys Hague Runnels Theatre.

The inductees are sixth graders Shayda Bozeman, Matthew Campbell, Gracie Coates, Maeve Dolan, Laura Golda, Alex Griffin, Evan Ho, Clara Huxen, Sammy Ismail, Conner Joubert, Emily Khalil, Lexie Matens, Kelly Messenger, Alaina Milam, Rebecca Ortlieb, Elise Parrish, Cameron Stevenson and Harrison Whittemore; seventh graders Landree Clark, Sophia Rabeaux, Preston Treadaway, Riley Whittemore and Yaseen Zaid; and eighth grader Emma Felton.

The new members recited the Junior Beta Pledge and were individually recognized and presented with their club credentials by Junior Beta officers Ben Hader, president; Katherine Campbell, vice president; Gibby Guay, secretary; and Reilly Wilks, treasurer.

Following the ceremony, the inductees, their guests and the other club members in attendance enjoyed a reception with cake and punch in the foyer of the theater.

Co-sponsoring the club are elementary teachers Gina Golda and John Baird.