The preschool book fair at Runnels School got off to a fantasy-filled start with a Storybook Character Parade featuring preschoolers dressed up as their favorite characters, from Dazzle the Dinosaur and Pinkalicious to Alice in Wonderland and a dazzling assortment of Disney princesses.

Teachers, parents, grandparents, and students from the other Runnels preschool classes turned out for the parade Oct. 5. Preschool teacher Debbie Schacht, in costume as The Very Hungry Caterpillar, interviewed the children about the characters they were dressed to represent and their favorite books.

The purpose of the parade, said preschool Co-Director Karen Runnels, is to “emphasize ... the importance of reading with young children. Early reading creates a love for reading in our young students and sets them up for success in school.”