For the second time in two months, an animal rescue group from Baton Rouge has won a $1,000 grant from Dogly, a photo-sharing app designed to promote animal rescue and adoption, according to a news release from Dogly.

Friends of the Animals Baton Rouge got enough “loves” to win July’s grant. June’s winner was The Companion Animal Alliance of Baton Rouge.

FOTA is a nonprofit group that began in 2010 to improve the conditions for the animals at the East Baton Rouge animal control enter. The group works to rescue dogs and puppies in Baton Rouge.

Dogly allows users to post photos, customized with text and drawing tools, of adoptable or adopted pets. Those photos are then uploaded to the rescue group’s account and can be shared with and “loved” by other users.

Dogly was launched in December, according to the news release. Through Dogly’s partnership with the Petfinder Foundation and alliance with, users can search more than 10,000 shelters and rescue organizations around the country to select a shelter to benefit. There is no cost to play for users and adoption groups. The more loves a user’s photo gets, the more loves he or she “donates” to his or her specified shelter. Shelters also can create Dogly profiles and add to their total when their own posts of adoptable dogs get loves.

Users can post photos of dogs in more than a dozen different categories.

Dogly’s panel of Executive Creative Dogs, which includes social media dog influencers like @TheVelvetBurritos and @iheartmiles, recognize four exceptionally creative photos each month that exemplify the “being Dogly” spirit. Each photo is featured on one of the ECD’s high-profile social media accounts, and a $500 Dogly Do Good grant will be donated in the name of the photo’s creator to the shelter in his/her Dogly profile. Creators can be either individuals or shelters.

Dogly is available through Apple’s App Store and Google Play.